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Twictionary: The Dictionary for Twitter

A repository for the meanings and manglings of words and language on Twitter

Anyone may Contribute an entry, or suggest one with Quick Submit

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Who Coined it?

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Who Defined It
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the study of Twitter terminology




Anyone who doesn't play nice on Twitter.




Used instead of terrorism when Twitter is under a hack attack, example: Fight twerrorism, change password


Twesaurus (n) A list of synonyms for terms found in the Twictionary.  There is no known instance of a Twesaurus (yet). Telexbill & Shoq @Shoq

An openly lesbian user on Twitter.

shoq @Shoq

Short form of Twesbian

<lesb0 is such a funny twesbo>

shoq @Shoq


A tweetup of massive proportions, often involving a road trip, eg, "Boise and Portland twitterati are meeting in Bend for a giant twescapade."



Putting a move on a female Twitterer

1. As in "I'm not getting Twesh with you"

Jeff Cane museumcurator
Twesting means testing    


A coordinated event, entirely run by volunteers in cities around the world, and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support a charity.


Twetches A Twitter Sketch or Twitter Sketches. Twitter + Sketches = Twetches. Twetches @Twetches


(n) A twitter user of subnormal intelligence. Derivation: Twitter + cretin. (Also see twurzel)


Twetiquette (n) Etiquette for Twitters.

Rachel Quilty





Someone new to Twitter.  A Twitter newbie.

Newsworthy updates on twitter









A person who thinks Twitter is dumb




to ask/tell where one is going via Twitter

Alternate: twither



Pronounced as "twee-ah"

Twitter + Mia= A person with the Eating Disorder Bulimia Nervosa who chooses not to recover (known as a "Mia" or to be "ProMia") and uses Twitter to network with other "mias".

Plural Form: "Twias"

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur

Pronounced as "twee-ahs"

See definition for Twia

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur
Twiatus To take a break, or hiatus, from tweeting. jeffrohrer @jeffrohrer
Twibe (n) A Twitter Tribe. The people on Twitter that you follow or that are following you. rbucholtz @rbucholtz


 \'twih-bih-"ner-rē \ - To Send a Twit in binary code @antiedman @antiedman
TwiBirther Recurring twitter user for the secondtime.



Twicabulary A vocabulary of Twitter terms set forth or defined in a Twictionary,  Twossary, or Twesaurus. Shoq @Shoq

Twick or Tweet


Playful or Pranking Tweet @Rikki_kweengeek @Rikki_kweengeek
Twictivism Activism in the form of tweeting about an event and/or a problematic issue   @jansegers


To solve a problem using twitter


Twiczophrenic When a Tweet appears to be the result of a thought disorder because of attempted compression of complex ideas into 140 characters esp. by removing articles and pronouns. contr. Twidiot Neurokafka Neurokafka
Twidiot Someone who cannot string together a grammatically correct simple sentence in 140 characters @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1


Twitter + friend: you follow them and they follow you.




(n) Trivial nonsense posted on Twitter, usually in response to the question "What are you doing?"




(a) Describes tweets that disrespect oneself or others or reveal one's innate ghetto-ness


Twigest (n.) A manually compiled digest consisting of tweets, either from one's own timeline or from other's timelines. @errandsultd @errandsultd
Twiggle (v) to blow smoke over a typo, misspelling, or really dumb tweet, hoping you'll wiggle out of it. @shoq @shoq
Twiiting (v) The act of Tweeting, (e.g. posting to twitter) on The Nintendo Wii's Internet Channel.

"Man, Twiiting is hard, the Wii is really hard to type with." 
@justjuanpanda @jutjuanpanda

1. (n) A night twitter

2. (n) Twivilian vampire

Rachel Quilty Rachel Quilty


A thriller written via Twitter

Matt Richtel, New York Times blogger



Twillionaire Someone with a million (plus) followers (coined at #140conf London) @StephenFry @StephenFry

1) (b) Twit + Wimp; An ineffectual, timid, or insecure person on twitter.

2) (n) Twit + Pimp;  Someone representing or promoting a person or idea. <shoq is @weelaura's Twimp>

@shoq @Shoq


A coincidence on Twitter, as when two unrelated tweeters tweet about the same subject.


Twinacular (n) Twinacular A formal or informal common terms and forms of expression in the Twitterverse.
@shoq @Shoq
Twinfomercial The selling of ones own product, disguised as a tweet Jeff Cane @museumcurator
Twingo (n) Twitter lingo. The informal language and speech of Twitter users.
@mattgup @mattgup
Twink To tweet amicably to make others follow the tweeted link. Dietrich Lasa @DietrichLasa
Twinner Party A dinner party for tweeps.  A smaller, more intimate version of a Tweetup. @matt_perez @matt_perez
Twins Two sequential tweets that serendipitously relate to each other. nancyf  


A new insight realized via Twitter. Also: an incident in which two people post the exact same

tweet at the exact same time.




Conducting or facilitating an interview via Twitter




Introducing two people to each other through twitter


Twints Job interview hints, tips or techniques Melanie at Venator Melanie at Venator


A tip about using twitter (Or a tip given on twitter)




Using Twitter as a tool for public diplomacy




An reply to tweet

E.Alashi (@splashup)

Twipster Portmanteau of "Twitter" and "hipster" - A hipster that uses twitter, extremely often. A twipster will most likely "tweet" about various aspects of the hipster movement especially indie bands concerts and events going on in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the hipster capital).
R. Wiz (@RWfreckles) @RWfreckles

(n) Twitter + Clique :  A narrow circle of tweeps associated by common interests or purpose.

<Some of these tweeps only reply to their Twique>

Shoq @Shoq
Twirthday Someone's Birthday or Anniverisary on Twitter. "Happy Twirthday Dude!"  @ShawnKCastille @ShawnKCastille


verb: the act of flirting publicly via twitter. also, noun: a person in the act of twirting.



English:A foolish Twitterer.

2: A silly annoying person In the same class as a Twat.

3: Half the sound an owl makes  Twit-Terwoo.

Jeff Cane museumcurator

When twitter application has problems, is broken. 
(It could have an alternate meaning: a person who thinks twitter is dumb or doesn't get twitter's usefulness and disparages those who use twitter could be called a twater (twitter hater), but they could also have twitter issues, or twissues.)



(n) Twitter etiquette for Twidiot/s.

Rachel Quilty

Rachel Quilty

Twitter Etiquette
Twitterazzi Twitterers who endlessly follow/stalk celebrities in the hopeless quest that they will get an inbox sighting & be noticed - Fat Chance! Jeff Cane museumcurator

A person who purposefully starves theirself from Twitter and Tweeting. A Twitterexic is the opposite of a Twitterholic.

Plural form: Twitterexics

@venessaliang @hunger4plesur

People who purposefully starve themselves from Twitter and Tweeting.  Twitterexics are the opposite of Twitterholics.


Singular form: Twitterexic

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur
Twitterpated An affliction that Twitterers suffer from when they have a hard time getting words out Pat Eales patticakegirl

The sound an 'Owly' makes on twitter

1. A Twitterer thinking of a long term twortship

Jeff Cane museumcurator

1. Wise tweets or tweets with profound meanings.
2. Proverbs quoted or coined on Twitter

@Kiwi_Satachi @Kiwi_Satachi


"Twitter history", used in two ways:

(1) The history of a Twitterer's tweets and replies (e.g. "I'm catching up on my twistory")

(2) Important events or milestones that have occurred in the Twitterverse (e.g., "I made twistory today by gaining 10,000 followers").



One who is 100% Twitter Addicted... usually fiends when hasn't used Twitter for more than 1 hr.





One who follows you just to get a follow back, only to dump you a day later when you don't reciprocate




Declaring a crush on another twitter user.

See also: Twush




A debate, usually political, between two or more parties on Twitter. Usually results in severe follower loss.


Twiterate (v) To revise a tweet over and over so it fits within Twitter's 140-character limit. @CRA1G @CRA1G


Literary works in twitter




Twittered poetry


TwitFic Twitter tweets made by a fictional persona. @KitchenBitch @KitchenBitch


A Twitter user - you follow - that influences you most (often someone with a massive amount of followers)


Twitgasm info shared via Twitter that's so good, well you know... @mizrik @mizrik


\'twih-"th-t\  a thought that is twitted in 140 charecters or less on twitter

pa.t- Have twitht, pr.t Twithting \'twih-"th-tiŋ\, f.t will Twitht

@antiedman @antiedman


posting from someones acount or having your account posted from, especially if insulting



Either a Twitter tutorial or giving a tutorial using Twitter




(n)  A sexual organ in female Twitter users that exists soley to induce pleasure.  Service log-in is  not required.


Twitscape (n) A shorter, easier to text form of reference to the Twitterverse (see: Twitterverse) Jon Stewart
via pollyprissypant
Twitsultant A professional consultant, specializing in all things Twitter Shoq @Shoq


A twitter message involving anything related to pirates.




1 (n) A service that enables millions of people with nothing to say to say it to millions of people 

2 (n)  A Pet Rock you don't have to walk.



Twitter Squatter

A person holding on to a twitter username in hope of some personal gain.
"i'm in ur twitr waitin 4 u"




Twitterati + rant:  Twitterer famed for going off on rants




Twitter + literati (Origin is literati; the literary intelligentsia or educated class).

possibly Susan Tenby

Twitteration as in - 6 degrees of Twitteration - defining the ability to reach anyone on Twitter via anyone elses followers - within 6 moves. The perfect definition of Twitter. Jeff Cane museumcurator
Twitterbation The act of tweeting oneself when trying to reply to someone else. "I Tweeted myself, and I liked it!" @scottk75 @scottk75 


Twitter + hurricane: an overwhelming, swirling vortex of tweets which often leaves those it passes feeling drenched and disheveled.


Twittercide To commit twittercide is to decide to close (or kill) your Twitter account. @Justale @Justale


Happening to see or send a tweet that helps you or another tweeter via links, info, connecting, etc. (serendipity)

@mediaChick @brampitoyo



cutting twitter out of one's life for a period of time because twitter is taking up too much of their time.

Parker Ehret @parkerehret


A group of people whom have Twitter accounts




an online term of endearment for your followers

possibly geekycybermom



A person who is addicted to using Twitter.  Also a website showing top twitter user rankings and stats.


Twitterhumpinng Excessively flirtatious tweets between two people to the point of cybertweet.  (See: cybertweet) anonymous anonymous
Twitterkend A person who spends the weekend using Twitter @Justale @Justale
Twitterliterate A savvy Twitter user @CyberV @CyberV
Twittertunity An opportunity (job, work, lecture, interview) someone gets on Twitter  @Justale @Justale
Twittertivity A person who uses productivity tools on Twitter @Justale @Justale


Twitter's influence on other social media Web sites (such as FB, for example) or any other aspect of society




Twitter + halleluia: an expression used when something verging on the miraculous has taken place and Twitter was there to see it happen.

possibly davidcosand



Being unable to remember prior to the last thing posted on Twitter




Twitter + terminology. Specific vocabulary most commonly encountered on Twitter. See also twitterspeak





Twitternoia The feeling that some one nearby is twittering about you. @royatl @royatl
Twitterphobe A person who is afraid of Twitter. @paradoxadguy @paradoxadguy
Twitterphobic Disliking or fearing Twitter to an unreasonable degree. @paradoxadguy @shoq


An entrepreneur on Twitter, or someone creating a Twitter-based startup.

SmallBizBee (darn, & I thought I was coining it. :( @ggroovin)



AKA twitpuff - A person who uses Twitter to grandstand or pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments; as in puffing themselves up. (ex. "Just finished biking 65 miles, off to swim 100 laps in the pool - it's hard work shaping the perfect body.") See also egotwistical.




A high volume, unpleasant and - occasionally - messy blast of tweets. Can sometimes be contagious.

unfortunately, davidcosand



A conversation conducted on Twitter




One of the many reasons given for Twitter not operating correctly




Using language found only in Tweets, words not typically used in normal conversation


Twittersphere Another variation on Twitterverse.
See Twitterverse

Earliest recorded:


Twittertainer (n) One who creates and/or produces twittertainment adbroad adbroad
Twittertainment (n) Entertainment created to be "aired" on Twitter adbroad adbroad


To "watch" an event or show via tweets when not able to view on television @cmandd @cmandd


(n) The body of Twitter users or community, similar to "blogosphere"


also: Twitterworld, Twittertopia, Twitterviille, Twitteropolis, Twittersphere


Twittervore (n) A Twitter user within the context that they consume information on Twitter. A Twittervore's perferred mode of communication and gathering news is Twitter. @mattgup @mattgup
Twitterword A specific entry in the formal Twitter vocabulary (Twicabulary), or any derived vernacular (Twinacular). Usually added to Twictionary. Preferred form: Tword Shoq @Shoq
TwitterWorld The planet of Twitter located in the Feather galaxy of the Twitter Universe (see: Twitterverse) mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Twitteropoly The Twitter version of Monopoly mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Twitfaced A Twitterer whos tweets one thing - and means another! Jeff Cane museumcurator


The enjoyment one gets from viewing certain twitpics or reading secret tweets.




Twitter + Etiquette: The relatively unwritten rules of conduct while on Twitter



1: small amount of followers on Twitter

2: to carve up a fellow Twit as if a piece of wood.

ex: "what a lovely twittle society we have on Twitter"

Jeff Cane museumcurator
Twittour One's personal journey through Twitter  TerrySagedy @TheMarketSage
Twit Twat A Twitter user that is also a Twat (As a derogatory insult, a pejorative meaning a fool, synonymous with the word twit - 'You are a real twat and a half' (often used in the UK)), usually meaning someone who is a jester, joker, jokester, fool, wit-cracker, prankster or buffoon.  A Twitter user that uses the medium to make a mockery of things or to entertain others. @MrMarkBishop @MrMarkBishop


Means witty


Twitvomit The act of mass Tweeting in a short period of time. Much like word vomit. @Kiwi_Satachi @Kiwi_Satachi
Twitwhore A Twitter member of loose morals.    

(n) Twitter + dimwit. A moronic, insipid, or aggressively stupid person on Twitter.

<BobSkankWeasel is a complete dimwit>

First use using this definition





Twitter Trivia @Rikki_kweengeek @Rikki_kweengeek

1. (n) Someone who does not twitter

2. (n) Someone who has not joined twitter

Rachel Quilty

Rachel Quilty

Rachel Quilty
Twiz A Twitter-based quiz    
Twocabulary Twitter Vocabulary   @onyxqueen22


Not on twitter for a long time period ("I've been twoff today")


Twoll To tweet with the intention of baiting someone into a reaction, or a person who does such a thing. From "troll". They see me twollin', they hatin'; patwollin' and twyna something something.   laciermaths


Twitter + collector: someone that follows as many others as they can, seemingly valuing the total number collected.


Twollow (n) The act of following someone on Twitter @shoq @Shoq


Twitter + follower: someone that follows you.  If you followed them too they would be twiends.




(v) To deliver a beatdown verbally or physically if a follower gets out of line


Twomance Twitter + Romance: state of buddy love on twitter. Noticeable when two tweeple just cant do without @replying each other all day long. @xolubi  
Twomb Twitter + Bomb: link bombing with Twitter. Set with customized links from Tiny URL, bit.ly, and similar services. Example: google.com/searc... @brianglanz @brianglanz


Self-referential, self-aggrandising, masturbatory Tweeting



To pose a question.


Melanie at Venator Melanie at Venator


A conference on Twitter (or a Conference of Twitters ?)


Twoogle Googling a term and viewing tweets about it (see also TV Twoogling) @kela65 @kela65
TwoolTweep A peep you find to be cool; This person is a TwoolTweep because they RT or adds a reply to one of your tweets. @1prdpgn @1prdpgn


Toon on Twitter




A 140-character tweet, named because of the "whoosh" sound which plays in some clients when a 140-character tweet is received.  I believe that Twitteriffic was the first client to play the sound.


Tworkortunity About work: a job opportunity Melanie at Venator Melanie at Venator
Tworgy Group cyber sex via Twitter.   @StrayTogether

(v) Having been profoundly-changed by Twitter, such that you ask @god to have pity on atwits & agnostwits

@geaux_girl @geaux_girl
Twotacism The tendency to spawn Twitter vocabulary through speech impediment. (see "rhotacism") @laciermaths @laciermaths
Twouchebag Twit + Douchebag.  A celebrity or highly-followed Twitter user who rarely follows anyone not equally famous. @lucaswagner
Tword Short form of Twitterword. See Twitterword Shoq @Shoq
Tworld 1. The world of Twitter.  2.  Your community of those who Follow you, or soon will be. @ChaBonOR @ChaBonOR
Tworking The act of twittering while working @rodsdoll97 @rodsdoll97


Failure of one or another of Twitter's features.


Twosseyed Twittering to late at night... Jeff Cane @museumcurator

A Senator on Twitter

Alt:  Twenator

@anamariecox @anamariecox
Twuddy a buddy on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/katattak http://www.twitter.com/katattak
Twug a hug on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/katattak http://www.twitter.com/katattak
Twuggle Someone NOT on Twitter. Inspired by Muggle (from Harry Potter's world), Twuggle refers to non-tweeple. Person that don't tweet.  As in "I had lunch with all twuggles today"



1. Snarky, punny or quippy humor expressed as a Tweet on Twitter.

2. (n) a rumor circulating on social networking sites such as Twitter. It is similar to a tumor in that it continues to grow until it is addressed and proven or disproven.







Twumorist A recognized tweep who tweets Twumor that is often retweeted. <@weelaura is a Twumorist> @Shoq @Shoq


Lunch - twitter style: loosly organised open invitation lunch meeting among twitter friends




Twitter long enough without a break and you get the Twitter munchies @Rikki_kweengeek @Rikki_kweengeek


Either drunken tweeting or drunk on tweeting


Twuples Twitter + Scruples: as in "you can't just follow everybody, gotta have some Twuples, y'know". Also used as adjective, i.e. "Twupled", or "Twupulous". michael evangelista / kelly rao @gowestweb / @webeze

1: Sad as a result of no tweets.

2: Sad as a result of Browser failure.

3: Sad as a result of a Block.

4:'Cos dog bit leg, as in "stop twittering it's dinner time!"

5: Any interuption to the act of Twittering

Jeff cane @museumcurator

Retuning back to Twitter after being away for a while.

Jeff Cane museumcurator


(n) A Twitter user, usually a newbie (see also tw00b, twewbie), unfamiliar with and confused by twitterminology used by twerds. Derivation: Twitter + 'The Wurzels'. [NB 'The Wurzels' are a British Scrumpy and Western band from Somerset, a county whose residents are stereotypically thought of as being persons of subnormal intelligence]. See also twetin.




An intense and usually passing romantic infatuation on a twitter user (tweep).



Twussy (n) Twit + Pussy,  A feckless pussy on Twitter, often politicians trying to fool people into thinking they have ideas. <that @ericcantor is such a Twussy> shoq @Shoq
Twutz (n)  Twit + putz.  A twitter user (tweep) who is seen by some, or all, as an insufferable putz. shoq @Shoq
Twuv (n) Twitter love for another Tweep, Tweet, celebrity, thought, idea, remark or class of people. <@craig_crawford twuvs anyone that twollows him> shoq @Shoq


A typo on Twitter ("If you exercise regularly and died, you can lose a lot of weight.")


Wing Eye A condition of uncontrollable wobbling of the eyeballs as a result of speedreading tweets @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Winggers Twitter Fingers @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Wingurbia Suburban Twitter town located outside of Featheropolis @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
twecoffe You needs a coffe @silvaetibr @silvaetibr



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It has been maintained by @Shoq since 2008.

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