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Twictionary: The Dictionary for Twitter

A repository for the meanings and manglings of words and language on Twitter

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Miscellaneous Terms (not specific to Twitter)


Term Definition Source
<3 text version of a heart; expressing love or happiness. Also sometimes "Less Than Three"  
DIAF short for Die In A Fire (presumably because there is an extra toasty spot reserved for them where they're going)  


FFS For F**k's Sake. To let someone know how fed up you are. "FFS, don't use Twitter when you are a bot."  
FML F**k My Life. An expression of exasperation. "Company just blocked Twitter on work computers. FML." @kpoythress
FriendFeed One of the alternatives to Twitter that's gained traction as twoutages have increased friendfeed.com
FTW For The Win, enthusiasm or recommendation  
FTL For The Loss, complaint or disapproval chat
GAC Get a clue @allstarchiro
GAFC Get a fucking clue @allstarchiro
IMO In My Opinion.  

In My Humble Opinion.  Alternate: In My Honest Opinion


J/K Just kidding. Often added at the end of a snarky tweet.  
LOL Usually known to people as Laugh Out Loud. "LOL, you don't know the meaning of LOL?"  
LMK Let Me Know  
MF Meet friend @ dezmembrari
Mashup A mixup of services from two or more websites presented on a alternate website.  
meatup A gathering (meetup) to eat steak @ahockley
NFW "No F**king Way @shoq
NSFW Not Safe For Work, usually a warning about an adult oriented link that is in a Tweet.  
OH: Overheard.  
PLN Seen in educational Tweets, Means Professional Learning Network or Personal Learning Network  
twingup An offline gathering to eat buffalo wings, said gathering being planned on Twitter @ahockley
webinar A lecture, seminar, presentation or workshop that takes place on a web site.  
#word Used to "tag" a tweet for tracking topics or events. Follow @hashtags to make sure your tags get aggregated. hashtags
@name Addresses a tweet to a specific user or mentions them.   
twitch An intense need to Tweet cobra
WGACA What goes around comes around @allstarchiro
twecoffe When somebody needs a coffe and write about it @silvaetibr


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