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Admin Page

Page history last edited by Shoq Value 10 years, 5 months ago

This page is ONLY for notes, comments and issues of interest to the administrators and volunteer contributors of of the Twictionary Workspace.

Note: If you would like admin rights, please email page owner (below) or Tweet @shoq.


Regular Tasks

  • Remove the spammers.  — When you catch one, please email owner or tweet @shoq with the name to delete from authorized user.  Pbworks has a really crappy way of reviewing DIFFs, so it's hard to know who did what sometimes, so this really helps pin down who the creeps are.
  • Frequently review "Suggestions" and add worthy entries to the Front page.
    • Then Please DELETE the suggestions


Backlogged Tasks That Need Your Help

  • Note: There is a large backlog of Suggestions that need reviewing. If some volunteers could get on that, it would be a huge help.  Just open the Suggestions page in another browser tab, so you can easily compare with the Front page.


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