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How to Contribute

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Citing Your TweetTwitalicious < a sexy twitter (v)

About this ProjectHow to Contribute

The goal is simply to maintain the definitive vocabulary of terms used in the Twittersphere.

Term defintiions can be serious, funny, ribald, or goofy. For now, Twictionary is going to be one big wiki page.  Please add entries below as you discover or invent them.   

Who can contribute

Anyone with a Pbwiki account.  Pbwiki accepts OpenID, so you don't need to worry about keeping track of yet another username/password).  If you don't feel qualified to edit the main table, or you just don't have time, and really have a great time, use the Suggest An Entry Page.


How to add terms yourself 

  1. Click the EDIT tab at top of page to restart the page in editing mode 
  2. Find the alphabetical position for your new entry 
  3. Right-click on that row and from popup menu, select "insert row before (or after) 
  4. Complete all columns and click SAVE button at bottom of page.
    • Capitalize and bold the term entry and include a letter signifier for the type of term in the decription column, if you are good with such grammar. e.g.  (n) for noun, (v) for verb, etc.  

    • You may include multiple "senses" of the word in the same table row, separated by a blank  line. 

    • Provide attibutions in final column

      • Coined by:  Cite user name, and link to the first usage Tweet (if possible). See page "Citing Your Tweet" to  find one.

      • Defined by: Cite your own name, or the twitter user who wrote the definition. 

        Please include link to Twitter.com/username.  

        • Don't hesitate to share attribution if someone else inspired you, or you substantially defined a term. Just cite multiple names. Use your own judgment.  If someone just makes a primitive definition, just leave them as the coiner, write the new definition, and cite yourself as the definer. Be sure you are not simply creating another "meaning."

  5. Tweet  your new term and defintion to twitter

    Include the URL to this page so new readers can find it.

Example1    TWOOBER (n) - A silly goober on Twitter    twictionary.com

Example2   I defined the twitter word: TWOOBER at twictionary.com



Sample Entries  


Please use the EXACT formats indicated or your change may be reverted

This table for illustration Only.  DO NOT MAKE REAL ENTRIES HERE!




Who Coined it?

(Please link to tweet)

Who Defined It?
(Link to @twiiterName)


A crush (intellectual or physical) on a fellow twitterer.


Puntwit (n) Someone offering opinion or criticism in an authoritative manner on Twitter. May or may not enjoy such status outside of Twitter Shoq @Shoq

1) (n) An attractive and desirable Twitter user.

2 (n) A golden snack cake eaten during a Twitter Session






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