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Welcome to Twictionary - a dictionary for Twitter!

 A repository for all sorts of manglings of the English language as used on Twitter.


Please help contribute to this page.  This wiki is editable by anyone with a PBWiki account (and they accept OpenID, so you don't need to worry about keeping track of yet another username/password).  Please log in and contribute or enhance the content... thanks!  CLICK THE EDIT TAB ABOVE, RIGHT CLICK ON A ROW > INSERT ROW BEFORE/AFTER.


For now, this is going to be one big wiki page.  Please add entries below as you discover or invent them.  If you have a link to the first usage Tweet, all the better!  You can use SUMMIZE to search for the first usage Tweet (public tweets only).


Twitter Definitions (words evolved from Twitter):

Term Definition

Who Coined it?

if known or best guess


1) Tweetsorship  Curious disappearance of tweets presumed to been archived on the web for future generations to learn from or smirk at.


2) the removal of a Twitter tweet by some refeeding channel, often one's place of employment, or a political opponent.

cybertweet Twitter-based mutual masturbation with someone you wouldn't speak to in real life. shoq
twittilation The enjoyment one gets from viewing certain twitpics or reading secret tweets. Fracas
twush A romantic crush on a tweep. weelaura
naked twits A twitterer's unprotected updates. Fracas

Somone in love with the sound of their own tweets.

Variation:  Narcitwit

attwaction A crush (intellectual or physical) on a fellow twitterer. Twaitting
bacontwits A twitter message involving everyone's favorite cut of meat...bacon. BaconTwits
egotwistical Tending to talk excessively about oneself on Twitter 4braham
fatal attwaction The condition afflicting a person who is stalking other twitter users. MrsWrite, Twaitting
followership The collective group of Twitter users following a given Twitterer. Example.
illtwitterate The uninitiated. Those who "don't get it". megan_mcdonald
Miss# or Mr# A way of referring to kids. "Miss3 = 3-year-old daughter" sirexkathryn
NTS note to self:  
pleshette-ed Pecked to death (as by Suzanne Pleshette in "The Birds") by replies on Twitter hodgman
puntwitocracy The punditocracy on Twitter, most often discovered in #journotwits Shoq
RT Retweet: tweeting content posted by another user  
speedtweet A grouping/list of favorite or most contacted users ("I've got you on speedtweet") wenstrand
spitter A Twitter spammer  
switch twitter Person maintaining multiple Twitter accounts toddmintz
twacklist Twitter + blacklist after The Twitter Blacklist
twacklog A backlog of tweets ahockley



Twitter + spammer: someone that follows many people and post updates with links to web sites akin to those found in spam e-mails. martinbowling
twandle Twitter + handle: A Twitter username ("Hey man, what's your twandle?") kopper
twang A tweet from someone in the South. ("Right nice twang y'all posted there, @billybob.")  
twantwam When somebody throws a tantrum KCarruthers


Person behind spam Twitter acct verso
twait A twitter message that is scheduled to be sent in the future. ("Wait to twitter = twait") rjb227s
twaitter A person who holds onto timely tweets and 'waits' to send the message until a later time. (you can use this application to send your 'twait' messages (Twaitter.com) rjb227s
twarmy The Twitter army docnormal
twatter Twitter chatter kerribeauchesne
twavatar Twitter avatar (user icon) xolotl?
twawkward Being awkward on Twitter ahockley
tweaten What happens to a tweet when Twitter (or a client app) eats it sarahgilbert
tweature twitter + creature. Any user or account on Twitter that is not identifiable by content as being from a human. As apposed to tweeple, a tweature is the class under which all other unclassifiables belong, including spammers, link listers, people with a small following who use twitter like a chat client exclusively for inside jokes, and any other use or service that is unreal or is impersonal.  
Twebinar Mashup between Webinar and Twitter  
twedia Media on Twitter (e.g. @nytimes, @bbcnews, etc.)  
tweeciprocity The exchange of a follow for a follow by a twitterer. Example: “I unfollow Tweeps who don’t follow me back. I expect tweeciprocity.” (Twitter + Reciprocity) noetical 
tweeciprocity ratio Ratio of followers to those followed. Example: "My tweeciprocity has gotten better since I unfollowed all those freeloading twitchers who weren't following me anymore!" Noetical 
tweek Twitter geek (Twitter + Geek)  
tweeotches Twitter + biotches (slang for bitches) monkchips
tweep Weep on twitter shijualex
tweeps Twitter + peeps (friends) ?
tweet n: single message seen on Twitter, v: act of posting to Twitter ?
tweeting out Saying goodbye and logging off Twitter Clevecarole
tweetheart(s) Twitter + Sweetheart(s) possibly MailOurMilitary
tweetspeak "an effect of compulsive posting of tweets, causes excessive compression of thoughts to fit 140 characters" aldaspook
tweetup Twitter + meetup: a gathering of folks based on a twitter conversation (often impromptu) ?
tweezure Twitter seizure verso
tweme a Meme on Twitter  
tweologism a new word, meaning or phrase, specific to Twitter ok2baprincess
tweople/tweeple Twitter + people ?
twequilibrium When your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow DavidFeng
twerd A twitter nerd, e.g. one who contributes to a twitter dictionary.  
twerminology the study of Twitter terminology xolotl
twerp Anyone who doesn't play nice on Twitter.  
Twestival A coordinated event, entirely run by volunteers in cities around the world, and 100% of the money raised from these events will go directly to support a charity.  
Twesting means testing  
Tweet Vine Means the grape vine  
Twitterers A group of people whom have Twitter accounts  
Twitterization Twitter's influence on other social media Web sites (such as FB, for example) or any other aspect of society  
twetin (n) A twitter user of subnormal intelligence. Derivation: Twitter + cretin. (Also see twurzel)  
twewbie Someone new to Twitter.  A Twitter newbie.  
twhater A person who thinks Twitter is dumb rstevens
twhither/twither to ask/tell where one is going via Twitter xolotl
twictory To solve a problem using twitter wyattwerner

Twitter + friend: you follow them and they follow you.

twiins Two sequentail tweets that serendipitously relate to each other (e.g. http://bit.ly/fhSMv) nancyf
twiller A thriller written via Twitter Matt Richtel, New York Times blogger


A new insight realized via Twitter. Also: an incident in which two people post the exact same

tweet at the exact same time.



Conducting or facilitating an interview via Twitter  


Introducing two people to each other through twitter lpetrides
twip A tip about using twitter (Or a tip given on twitter) @shijualex
twiplomacy Using Twitter as a tool for public diplomacy joelwhitaker
twirt verb: the act of flirting publicly via twitter. also, noun: a person in the act of twirting. nicopolitan
twissues When twitter application has problems, is broken. 
(It could have an alternate meaning: a person who thinks twitter is dumb or doesn't get twitter's usefulness and disparages those who use twitter could be called a twater (twitter hater), but they could also have twitter issues, or twissues.)

"Twitter history", used in two ways:

(1) The history of a Twitterer's tweets and replies (e.g. "I'm catching up on my twistory")

(2) Important events or milestones that have occurred in the Twitterverse (e.g., "I made twistory today by gaining 10,000 followers").

Also a website that allows a Twitterer's twitter history to be added to calendar applications (http://twistory.net/)

twitter TWITTER (n) A service that enables millions of people with nothing to say to say it to millions of people  by @shoq
twitaddict One who is 100% Twitter Addicted... usually fiends when hasn't used Twitter for more than 1 hr.  see: http://TwitAddict.com



twitcher One who follows you just to get a follow back, only to dump you a day later when you don't reciprocate  
twittarr A twitter message involving anything related to pirates. rjb227s
twitcrush Declaring a crush on another twitter user.  
twitter squatter A person holding on to a twitter username in hope of some personal gain.
"i'm in ur twitr waitin 4 u"


A debate, usually political, between two or more parties on Twitter. Usually results in severe follower loss.  
twiterature Literary works in twitter @chrisloft
twitery Twittered poetry @chrisloft
twitfluencer A Twitter user - you follow - that influences you most (often someone with a massive amount of followers) 4braham
twitjacking posting from someones acount or having your account posted from, especially if insulting &nsp;
twitorial Either a Twitter tutorial or giving a tutorial using Twitter @mavergames
twitterati Twitter + literati (Origin is literati; the literary intelligentsia or educated class). possibly Susan Tenby
twitteranti Twitterati + rant:  Twitterer famed for going off on rants @lozzy
twittercane Twitter + hurricane: an overwhelming, swirling vortex of tweets which often leaves those it passes feeling drenched and disheveled. it was davidcosand
twitterdipity Happening to see or send a tweet that helps you or another tweeter via links, info, connecting, etc. (serendipity) @mediaChick @brampitoyo
twitterfam an online term of endearment for your followers possibly geekycybermom
twitterholic A person who is addicted to using Twitter.  Also a website showing top twitter user rankings and stats (twitterholic.com)  
twitterluia Twitter + halleluia: an expression used when something verging on the miraculous has taken place and Twitter was there to see it happen. possibly davidcosand
twittermentia Being unable to remember prior to the last thing posted on Twitter selenamarie
twitterminolgy Twitter + terminology. Specific vocabulary most commonly encountered on Twitter. See also twitterspeak  
twitterpreneur An entrepreneur on Twitter, or someone creating a Twitter-based startup. SmallBizBee (darn, & I thought I was coining it. :( @ggroovin)
twitterpuff AKA twitpuff - A person who uses Twitter to grandstand or pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments; as in puffing themselves up. (ex. "Just finished biking 65 miles, off to swim 100 laps in the pool - it's hard work shaping the perfect body.") See also egotwistical. @tsauce
twitterrhea A high volume, unpleasant and - occasionally - messy blast of tweets. Can sometimes be contagious. unfortunately, davidcosand
twittiquette Twitter + Ettiquette: The relatively unwritten rules of conduct while on Twitter  
twittersation A conversation conducted on Twitter Narses
twitterscuse One of the many reasons given for Twitter not operating correctly nwjerseyliz
twitterspeak Using language found only in Tweets, words not typically used in normal conversation sharong
twitterverse The body of Twitter users or community, similar to "blogosphere" ?
twitty Means witty  
twollector Twitter + collector: someone that follows as many others as they can, seemingly valuing the total number collected. strandloper

Twitter + follower: someone that follows you.  If you followed them too they would be twiends.



Self-referential, self-aggrandising, masturbatory Tweeting Phil_Adams
twonference A conference on Twitter (or a Conference of Twitters ?) @shijualex
twoon Toon on Twitter @shijualex
tw00b A Twitter n00b.   @anexemines
twoosh A 140-character tweet, named because of the "whoosh" sound which plays in some clients when a 140-character tweet is received.  I believe that Twitteriffic was the first client to play the sound.  
twoutage Failure of one or another of Twitter's features.  
twunch Lunch - twitter style: loosly organised open invitation lunch meeting among twitter friends see www.twunch.be
twunken Either drunken tweeting or drunk on tweeting @mavergames
twurzel (n) A Twitter user, usually a newbie (see also tw00b, twewbie), unfamiliar with and confused by twitterminology used by twerds. Derivation: Twitter + 'The Wurzels'. [NB 'The Wurzels' are a British Scrumpy and Western band from Somerset, a county whose residents are stereotypically thought of as being persons of subnormal intelligence]. See also twetin.  
twypo A typo on Twitter ("If you exercise regularly and died, you can lose a lot of weight.")


tweehab Twitter + Rehab: Taking a recovery break from Twitter lmull
twerrorism Used instead of terrorism when Twitter is under a hack attack, example: Fight twerrorism, change password  
twincidence A coincidence on Twitter, as when two unrelated tweeters tweet about the same subject. xolotl
twoff Not on twitter for a long time period ("I've been twoff today") plitwin
twescapade A tweetup of massive proportions, often involving a road trip, eg, "Boise and Portland twitterati are meeting in Bend for a giant twescapade." OH from wyattwerner
whoot Whoot is the Twitter Genie, tweet the command @whoot me when following @whoot to receive a prediction of your future follower count. @kmesiab


Other Terms (not from Twitter but often seen):

Term Definition Source
<3 text version of a heart; expressing love or happiness. Also sometimes "Less Than Three"  
DIAF short for Die In A Fire (presumably because there is an extra toasty spot reserved for them where they're going)  
FB FaceBook.  
FriendFeed One of the alternatives to Twitter that's gained traction as twoutages have increased friendfeed.com
FTW For The Win, enthusiasm or recommendation  
FTL For The Loss, complaint or disapproval  
IMHO In My Honest Opinion. IMHO usually indicates that ‘This is an op-ed tweet, not a factual assertion.’ UPDATE: It can be argued that “Humble” is the more common meaning, but both are valid for IMHO. At least, IMHO, anyways.  
J/K Just kidding. Often added at the end of a snarky tweet.  
LMK Let Me Know  
Mashup A mixup of services from two or more websites presented on a alternate website.  
meatup A gathering (meetup) to eat steak ahockley
NSFW Not Safe For Work, usually a warning about an adult oriented link that is in a Tweet.  
OH: Overheard.  
PLN Seen in educational Tweets, Means Professional Learning Network or Personal Learning Network  
twingup An offline gathering to eat buffalo wings, said gathering being planned on Twitter ahockley
webinar A lecture, seminar, presentation or workshop that takes place on a web site.  
#word Used to "tag" a tweet for tracking topics or events. Follow @hashtags to make sure your tags get aggregated. hashtags
@name Addresses a tweet to a specific user or mentions them  

* Edit note: To add a line to the table, right click the row and choose row, then insert row (before or after depending). Let's try to keep it as alphabetical as possible, shall we?


Questions?  Ping @ahockley or @verso.


page started on a whim by @ahockley and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license.

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