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on April 23, 2008 at 11:25:55 am

Welcome to Twictionary - a dictionary for Twitter!

 A repository for all sorts of manglings of the English language as used on Twitter.


Please help contribute to this page.  Send a direct message to twitter user ahockley or verso with your e-mail address to be given permissions.


For now, this is going to be one big wiki page.  Please add entries below as you discover or invent them.  If you have a link to the first usage Tweet, all the better!


Twitter Definitions (words evolved from Twitter):


Definition First Used Tweet if known or best guess

twacklog A backlog of tweets ahockley
twat Person behind spam Twitter acct verso
twavatar Twitter avatar (user icon) ?
twawkward Being awkward on Twitter ahockley
tweeotches Twitter + biotches (slang for bitches) monkchips
tweeps Twitter + peeps (friends) ?
tweet n: single message seen on Twitter, v: act of posting to Twitter ?
tweetup Twitter + meetup: a gathering of folks based on a twitter conversation (often impromptu) ?
tweezure Twitter seizure verso
tweople/tweeple Twitter + people ?
twitterati Twitter + literati (Origin is literati; the literary intelligentsia or educated class). ?
twittermentia Being unable to remember prior to the last thing posted on Twitter selenamarie


Other Terms (not from Twitter but often seen):

Term Definition Source
FTW For The Win, enthusiasm or recommendation  
FTL For The Loss, complaint or disapproval  
LMK Let Me Know  
meatup A gathering (meetup) to eat steak ahockley
OH Overheard  
#word Used to "tag" a tweet for tracking topics or events hashtags
@name Addresses a tweet to a specific user or mentions them  

* Edit note: To add a line to the table, right click the row and choose row, then insert row (before or after depending). Let's try to keep it as alphabetical as possible, shall we?



This page started on a whim by @ahockley and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license.

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