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Another crowd project curated by @Shoq (shoqvalue.com)

Twictionary: The Dictionary for Twitter

A repository for the meanings and manglings of words and language on Twitter      

Anyone may Contribute an entry, or suggest one with Quick Submit

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Who Coined it?

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Who Defined It
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A miscommunication in 140 characters or fewer. Often when 140 characters were not enough.

@brianglanz @brianglanz
Actwivist One who uses a Twitter message to advocate or oppose a political, social, or environmental cause.  Also: Actwivism.


Mitch Burgard

Aisle-Talk A collection of twitter lists, showing the tweets of regional wedding vendors. @irishaisle @irishaisle
Astrotweet A political message posted to Twitter (or other social network), which is written by skilled writers working for political organizations, and meant to appear as if it was generated as spontaneous political expression by ordinary citizens. Urban Dictionary
@Shoq @Shoq


A crush (intellectual or physical) on a fellow twitterer.


Attwacker Someone that verbally assaults someone on Twitter.  A.K.A., a Twamer (one who flames someone) @paradoxadguy @ParadoxAdGuy

A condition of readiness or availability through direct communication on Twitter.





A twitter user who falsely sees self as superior and shows it with action or inaction. You know the type. Combines twitter, twisted and aristocrat. 




A twitter message involving everyone's favorite cut of meat...bacon.


BackTwound A custom Twitter Background for business or personal use. @BackTwounds @BackTwounds

Investigar com curiosidade os outros twitters.

To investigate with curiosity other Twitters.

@cristianeclebia @cristianeclebia
Bulltwitter A twitter user who's not truthful when tweeting @haubrowncow @haubrowncow
Celebritweet A celebrity who uses Twitter. @calliekimball @wordspy
Celebtwit A celebrity who uses Twitter @IsabelleAnd  
Chirpes A Canarial Disease for which there is no known Tweetment TeresitaMercado  
Commutee A tweeting commuter on public transport @commutee @commutee
Cotag Signature of one user in a multi-user-account like ^BS at the end of a tweet @CoTweet_Support @CoTweet


Twitter-based mutual masturbation with someone you wouldn't speak to in real life.



1: A Tweet that stays on the web - for eternity

2: A spaced out tweet...

3: Where a Twitterer will spend his/her days...

4: The time it takes to get a reply on Twitter from some Twits!

Jeff Cane

Daily Twos


(n) A tweet by an editor or reader of DailyKos.com, a popular progressive blog, @Shoq @Shoq
Deja-Tweet (n.) The overwhelming feeling that you just saw that same tweet, from that same person, 20 minutes ago.  @errandsultd @errandsultd


To delete a Tweet  @Rikki_kweengeek @Rikki_kweengeek
Dweet A tweet made, perhaps regrettably, while under the influence of alcohol @nosscaj


Tending to talk excessively about oneself on Twitter





To join a conversation that you are not previously part of

The Tweet

@priya_sharma91 & @trupzi

Fatal attwaction

The condition afflicting a person who is stalking other twitter users.


ExactoTweet A tweet that is exactly 140 characters. Dr. Z @zeitz
Featherette An underage Twitterer @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1

a) A delicious Tweet

b) used in its musical form as sung to the tune of "Fergalicious" such as "She's Featherlicious"

@mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Featherologist A physician specializing in the diagnosis, care and tweetment of Twitter related diseases @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Featherology The study of Twitter related diseases such as Nest Ass and Chirpes @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Featheropolis Urban Twitter city @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Flitter Tweeting while in flight. @Indypenelope @Indypenelope
Fly-Bye Signing off of Twitter @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
FollowFriday A tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your followers about other Twitterers that are worth following.  This is done most often on Fridays. Put the #FollowFriday hash in your message to let others know you're sharing knowledgeable people that they should follow.   @Twaitter
FollowLocals A tag used on Twitter as a way to tell your LOCAL followers about other LOCAL Twitterers that are worth following.  This is done most often on Mondays. Put the #FollowLocals hash in your message to let others know you're sharing knowledgeable LOCAL people that they should follow. @ccnetworks @ccnetworks
Followorthy A Twitter user who is worthy of being followed. @muckp @wordspy
FollowOtimzarSites A Twitter user who is Otimização de Sites. @otimizarsites otimizarsites

(n) The practice of following another twitter account, usually to prompt a reciprocol follow in order to boost follow count, or to encourage the followee to explore the profile fo the follower, whereupon they inevitably see some form of advertising or come-on.

shoq @Shoq


The act of friending all of a friend's friends, either manually or via a bot. Example: "Dude, I found her by friendsccraping."


Gremln A person who uses social media for their business to create relationships with customers and share information about their products or services. @Twaitter  
Hatriot An overly zealous, and underly intelligent American conservative, often proud to proclaim their love for the Second Amendment. You know the rest. @Shoq @Shoq
GetTweet Acquire Twitter modifications and add-ons @AJSPM @AJSPM


\'hehks-'eet\ -when one sends a tweet in Hex code @antiedman @antiedman


inadvertently using a broken link on twitter TheTripleO @TheTripleO
ICYMI In Case You Missed It.  Often used when someone reposts a tweet that they already posted in the past. @libertyrant @Twaitter


The uninitiated. Those who "don't get it".


Intwesting Interesting, as in "intwesting... very intwesting" Facebook response to @matt_perez Bill Gross





 Knowl or nowl

(v) The act of making a statement, without context, as a disclaimer.

Ex: "Twitter hashtags are getting out of control. #justsayin."

(adj)  knowledge. Used to describe above average subject comprehension.











KLT Know, Like, Trust @LinkedinTutors @LinkedInTutors
Manny Stay at home dad who does all the chores around the house with no fringe benefits @JohnWArnett @JohnWArnett
METROflock n. a group of those who follow a municipally significant Tweetpresentative. @METROmilwaukee @METROmilwaukee
METROroost n. a subscription or frequently loaded page of municipally significant aggregated METROtweets. @METROmilwaukee @METROmilwaukee
METROtweet n. a tweet by some person(s) or some software service nested within some municipally significant geographic locale. @METROmilwaukee @METROmilwaukee

Miss# or Mr#

A way of referring to kids. "Miss3 = 3-year-old daughter"


MRT Modified ReTweet: Use when you have to edit the original tweet for grammer, spelling, or space for your comments [note: rarely used variant on the existing "MT"]
@kqrpnb @kqrpnb
MT Modified Tweet. A courtesy to indicate  Retweeted text has been significantly modified.  http://bit.ly/AboutMT @Shoq @Shoq
MTP Meat team person

@ auto


Naked twits

A twitterer's unprotected updates.




Somene in love with the sound of their own tweets.

Variation:  Narcitwit


Nestmakkah The Twitter version of Hannukkah @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Nestmas The Twitter version of Christmas @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Nest Ass The shape of your butt from sitting at the computer Twittering all day @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Nesticillin The only known cure for Chirpes @mmlinke @mmlinke1
Nestography The topography of your Nest Ass @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Nestologist A subspecialty of the Featherlogy profession dealing specifically with the diagnosis, care and treatment of Nest Ass @mmlinke1 @mmlinke1
Netweeting Networking within Twitter @blabb3r @blabb3r



A stupid Tweet  @Rikki_kweengeek @Rikki_kweengeek


note to self:



(n) An all knowing, all powerful deity on Twitter.

<@anamariecox is an omnipotwit>

@Shoq @Shoq


Pecked to death (as by Suzanne Pleshette in "The Birds") by replies on Twitter


Premature Retweetulation Retweeting a link without first reading it, only to realize later it was a mistake to. @Twit_ster   @Twit_ster 
P.T. Post Tweet = Post Scriptum (P.S.) + Tweet; that which comes after your statement    


Someone offering opinion or criticism in an authoritative manner on Twitter. May or may not enjoy such status outside of Twitter.




The punditocracy on Twitter, most often discovered in #journotwits


Raymond Creamcuffing Recognising a Twitter in public without them recognising you and touching them @spellblind_twat



ReBird twat who's transformed into a Twitterbird (twitter maniac)



Regurg-a-Tweet (v.) The act of re-tweeting a tweet that someone originally tweeted about you.  @errandsultd @errandsultd

(n) A pattern or system of set procedures, observances, actions and behaviors of a specific group or Twibe

rbucholtz @rbucholtz


Retweet: tweeting content posted by another user




(n.) A term for carrying on an argument or discussion via RTs. (RT + Repartee)


Serentwipity Funny, ironic, or thought-provoking pairing or grouping of tweets in a timeline @weblizard @weblizard
SnoopTwitter To investigate with curiosity other Twitters. @cristianeclebia @cristianeclebia


A grouping/list of favorite or most contacted users ("I've got you on speedtweet")




A Twitter spammer


Spweet short for Tweet Spam    
Star Twek A tweet about or involving anything related to Star Trek.  Trekkies who are also tweeple, Star Twek @Twaitter

Stuttering in your tweet.

Repeating a tweet back to back

@Lee_MM @Lee_MM

Switch twitter

Person maintaining multiple Twitter accounts.



Agitated zealot, often racist, protesting any kind of progressive governmental policy and action, often further agitated by large corporate interests, using so-called angry man populism to build and hold political centers of power.

First known use: "RT @Shoq: "Meet Rick Santelli.  Our nation's first Teahadist." - Feb 22, 2010"



Teapublican Urban Dictionary: teapublican
A member of the Republican party, with strong anti-government sentiments, who often believes that national security, and expressions of patriotism, corporate fealty, and constitutionalism, are fundamentally more important to America's national character than the general health, education and welfare of its citizens.


Claims first use on Twitter (unverified). Term had existed as a .com website as of  June 28, 2009.

Think Tweet A thought provoking Tweet or Quote. @UpbeatNow


Ttwweet, tttwwweet A tweet about tweets; a tweet about tweets about tweets, respectively. Perform s/tw/ttww/ for each additional level of meta. @laciermaths @laciermaths
Tuwicide, Tu(w)icide, Tuicide  Closure of one's Twitter account.  khu (not @khu) Summer 2011, untweeted   khu (not @khu) 
TV Twoogling
Watching a TV show while viewing tweets on google about the show @kela65 @kela65


A Twitter n00b.  


Twacker A computer programming who is hacking Twitter. @paradoxadguy @paradoxadguy


Twitter + blacklist

after The Twitter Blacklist



A backlog of tweets


Twaddle 1: The rubbish Tweets that no one wants to read. 2: A Twitterer with a bad walk, akin to a duck Jeff Cane museumcurator
Twaddict 1: One addicted to Twitter 2: One afflicted with a Twaddiction @NigelFenwick @NigelFenwick

1: Offering/dealing in illegal Tweets always via DM.

2: Seen following new & inoccent Twitterers.

Jeff Cane museumcurator


A twitter message that is scheduled to be sent in the future. ("Wait to twitter = twait")


Twaiter A misspelling of the word "Twaitter" which means to "wait" to Twitter.  The word Twaitter is merely the word Twitter with an "A" added to form the word wait. rjb227s  


A person who holds onto timely tweets and 'waits' to send the message until a later time. (you can use this application to send your 'twait' messages


Twam Short for Tweet Spam    


n. drama that develops on twitter; twitter drama hanjeehyun




Twame Your username on twitter twitter.com/sponsormentor @sponsormentor
Twamily Twitter + family: Our Twamily here on Twitter. @bizopps @bizopps



Twitter + spammer: someone that follows many people and post updates with links to web sites akin to those found in spam e-mails.


Twamous (a) Widely known, or honored for achievement on Twitter.  <The_Real_Shaq is Twamous> Shoq @Shoq

Pronounced as "twann-ah"

Twitter + Ana= A person with the Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa who chooses not to recover (known as an "Ana" or to be "ProAna") and uses Twitter to network with other "anas".

Plural Form: "Twanas"

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur

Pronouned as "twann-ahs"

See definition for Twana

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur
Twance Somebody in a twitter trance.




Twitter + handle: A Twitter username ("Hey man, what's your twandle?")




A tweet from someone in the South. ("Right nice twang y'all posted there, @billybob.")


A "wanna be"  Internet tough guy or fake gangster. Think 50 Cent's "wanksta"   @ShawnKCastille @ShawnKCastille
Twankster A person that pulls pranks, hoax, and jokes on Twitter. @ShawnKCastille @ShawnKCastille



A gangster who tweets on Twitter @christiaanck @christiaanck
Twanker A person, organization, or company who uses bad form on or exhibits bad behavior on Twitter. ("The twanker DM'd me trying to tell me how to grow followers") @jeffreyhayzlett

Pronounced as "twon-ah"

Twitter + Wanna= A person who pretends or wants to have an Eating Disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa, and uses Twitter to participate in "eating disorder- like" behavior.

Plural Form: "Twannas"

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur

Pronounced as "twon-ahs"

See definition for Twanna

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur

Pronounced as "twon-ah-rex-ic"

Twitter + Wannarexic= A person who pretends or wants to have the Eating Disorder Anorexia Nervosa, and uses Twitter to network with real Anorexics and participate in "eating disorder- like" behavior.

Plural Form: "Twannarexics"
@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur

Pronounced as "twon-ah-rex-ics"

See definition for Twannarexic

@hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur
Twansformer An application that modifies your tweet before you send it. Ex) spell check, shortening URLs, or conversion to text-speak so it fits under 140 characters. is a twansformer. rjb227s  
Twanslator An application that enables you to translate your tweets or other people's tweets into any other language. rjb227s  


When somebody throws a tantrum


Twapdoodle (n) See "Twiffle"    
Twarcissism Inordinate fascination with oneself betrayed via Twitter; Tweets betraying excessive self-love. kpoythress @kpoythress
Twarisma Someone who has an aboundance of Swagger and charisma with their 140 characters on twitter @drewwilliams27 @drewwilliams27
Twarma (n) The bad Karma you get when you don't retweet or promote other Tweeps so they get followers. <@davidGregory has bad Twarma> @shoq @Shoq


The Twitter army


Twass A twitter ass/jerk priyankawriting priyankawriting


Person behind spam Twitter acct


Twatarazzi  Twats who spend all day following celebs @blabb3r @blabb3r
Twatch The act of twatching (watching TV while tweeting) @ktchntrvwr @ergagit

See: Twyber Sex.



Twitter chatter


Twottie A hot woman on Twitter Jeff Cane museumcurator


Twitter avatar (user icon)


Twawesome Awesomeness on Twitter (e.g. "That was a twawesome comeback")    


Being awkward on Twitter


Tweam v. To dream about a Twitter contact who you have never met in real life. [Twitter + dream] etnobofin wordspy
Tweaser Someone who refers to something juicy (like a racy photo) in a tweet, but then posts no corresponding link. Fracas Fracas


What happens to a tweet when Twitter (or a client app) eats it




twitter + creature. Any user or account on Twitter that is not identifiable by content as being from a human. As apposed to tweeple, a tweature is the class under which all other unclassifiables belong, including spammers, link listers, people with a small following who use twitter like a chat client exclusively for inside jokes, and any other use or service that is unreal or is impersonal.




Mashup between Webinar and Twitter


Tweaven Twitter + heaven @soonermagicfan @soonermagicfan


 (Twitter + Reciprocate)  

verb— (used with object)

  1. to give and receive reciprocally on Twitter; interchange: to reciprocate favorable or promotional tweets. Example: "We often tweciprocate #FollowFriday tweets about each other."

verb— (used without object)

  1. to follow someone back who has just followed you. Example: "If you follow me, I will tweciprocate" (i.e., I'll follow you back.)
  2. to return a favor. Example: "When tweeters RT me, I sometimes tweciprocate by putting them on my tweeciprocity list." 




The act of heckling via tweets.




Media on Twitter (e.g. @nytimes, @bbcnews, etc.)




noun— (Twitter + Reciprocity)

  1. The exchange of a follow for a follow by a twitterer. Example: “I unfollow Tweeps who don’t follow me back. I expect tweeciprocity.”
  2. A reciprocal state or relation between Tweeters. Example: "Their tweeciprocity was evident by how often they RTed each other."



Tweeciprocity ratio

(n.) Ratio of followers to those followed. Example: "My tweeciprocity ratio has gotten better since I unfollowed all those freeloading twitchers who weren't following me anymore!"


Tweed Twitter + feed: A stream of tweets. michaelowenhill wordspy
Tweefic (adj) Something great, super, exceptionally good! rbucholtz @rbucholtz
Tweetgiarism n. What Tweetgiarists are guilty of. @shoq @shoq
Tweetgiarist n. Someone who plagiarizes other people's humor or other tweet text and tweets it verbatim without any attribution, thus making it appear as an original work. Also called: "Copyright infringement" and "stealing."  Note: some tweets are constructed similarly. Tweetgiarism requires enough evidence to not be coincidence. @shoq @shoq
Tweego (a.) The over-inflated ego that one gets when one has thousands of Twitter followers.  errandsultd errandsultd


Twitter + Rehab: Taking a recovery break from Twitter




Twitter geek (Twitter + Geek)


Tweekative Talking or Chatting in Twitter too much @ladymaryann @ladymaryann


Twitter + biotches (slang for bitches)




1) n. A Twitter user. 

2) v. To weep on twitter

1) @shoq

2) shijualex 

1) @shoq 
Tweepartee (n.) A term for carrying on an argument or discussion via tweets. (Tweet +Repartee)
Noetical @Noetical
Tweeperbole Exaggeration in Twitter for emphasis or effect, as in Hyberbole - a figure of speech @ladymaryann @ladymaryann
Tweeple People in Twitter   @ladymaryann
Tweepliment A nicety garnered from a good Tweet. @suzicraig @suzicraig


Twitter + peeps (friends)


Tweesome Tweeting at two people at the same time @ehson @ehson


n: single message seen on Twitter, v: act of posting to Twitter


Tweetback n: a backlink tweet for a blog article   @jansegers


n: a Twitter user; a person who tweets.


Tweet-N-Switch (n.) Tweeting a URL w/ the promise of valuable or interesting info, only to find it was just a shameless plug. @errandsultd @errandsultd

1: As in: 'A woman is only as good as her Tweets'

2: Several sweet messages sent on Twitter

3. "That lady has great tweets, must follow"

Jeff Cane museumcurator

Someone who is successful, flourishing, or thriving on Twitter. <Dan Hollings still can't belive his own tweetsperity on Twitter>

@paradoxadguy ParadoxAdGuy
Tweetivity Referencing  the span of time in which someone is actively tweeting or not tweeting or the frequency of tweeting or not tweeting. Also referencing the attention span of someone on Twitter. ParadoxAdGuy @paradoxadguy

Tweet Vine

Means the grape vine




Twitter + Sweetheart(s)

possibly MailOurMilitary


Tweeting out

Saying goodbye and logging off Twitter


Tweetjacking Hijacking someone's tweet by switching their link for your own and retweeting
it, piggybacking on their authority to drive traffic to your own target page.
nowsourcing & fantomaster @nowsourcing & @fantomaster
Tweetpresentative n. a type of Tweetregator which represents a constituency of those who wish to tweet in the name of the Tweetpresentative. @METROmilwaukee @METROmilwaukee
Tweetregator n. an aggregator of tweets. @METROmilwaukee @METROmilwaukee


1) Tweetsorship  Curious disappearance of tweets presumed to been archived on the web for future generations to learn from or smirk at.


2) the removal of a Twitter tweet by some refeeding channel, often one's place of employment, or a political opponent.




"an effect of compulsive posting of tweets, causes excessive compression of thoughts to fit 140 characters"


TweetTooth Having a heavy propensity and or primal lust to tweet at all times of the day @ehson @ehson


Twitter + meetup: a gathering of folks based on a twitter conversation (often impromptu)


Tweetwalking Twittering whilst asleep Jeff Cane museumcurator
Tweezing Incessant marketing via Twitter; the constant commercial pecks, come-ons, and teases that slowly grind down your soul. Similar to spamming, but more coy. @MarkCzerniec @MarkCzerniec


Twitter seizure




someone who is a member of your Twitter community




a group of Twitters who follow one another


Twélite  Twitter Elite.  khu (not @khu)  khu (not @khu) 
Twellus Tell us or give us your opinion about Melanie at Venator Melanie at Venator


a Meme on Twitter




a new word, meaning or phrase, specific to Twitter




Twitter + people

Alternate: Tweople


Tweepular A popular person on Twitter @jasontryfon @drewwilliams27
Tweeting Disorder When a Tweep has a disordered pattern of Tweeting. @hunger4plesur @hunger4plesur
Twend a friend, on Twitter @katattak @katattak

Twitter user who posts lies or nonsense, then rapidly deletes the tweet before anyone can screen capture it.

Example:  @jimAlger is a serial Tweleter.

Twendy Twitter + trendy.  As in, "All the twendy people are doing it." gmunsey @gmunsey
Twenius A Tweeting Genius (Purveyor of fine tweets) @ehson



Twespasser an encroachment or intrusion of your profile. @VodkaCooler



Twetiquette Using proper Twitter manners, behavior, decorum @christiaanck @christiaanck


When your number of followers exactly matches the number of people you follow




A twitter nerd, e.g. one who contributes to a twitter dictionary.






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